Wedding favors are one of those things you don’t want your guests to throw away. So be thoughtful in choosing your wedding favors. Here are a few Favor ideas that are sure to get your guests attention.

Everyone loves ooey-gooey foods, so why not give them as favors? Try Cinnamon Buns, Pie Pops or salty, soft Pretzels.

Home-baked goods are great if you have a baker in your family. Let them make their famous cookie or truffles. They box easily and everyone loves something sweet at the end of the night.

Having a country wedding? Think about favor from the heart like homemade jam or salsa. Who doesn’t love salsa and chips or maybe jam on their toast? They’ll think of you and your wedding for days to come.

Are you looking for something a little more down to earth? Seedlings have been around for some time but there are so many ways to display them for your guests and encourage us all to plant flowers and greenery. Whether its seeds or mini plants and/or trees, planting is always a great gift to give back to our environment.

Candy is always a crowd-pleaser. Whether you choose a candy bar or you jar mints, your guests will enjoy them.

Looking for something unique? Try custom fortune cookies with chocolate and sprinkles! Having an Adult wedding? Try adult beverage favors from mini liquors to hard soda.

Fun and unique ideas are around every corner. What are you passionate about? Love to do? Or is something special to you as a couple? Make your wedding memorable with a special favor to thank your guests for coming and being a part of such a very special day.

Happy planning!

Mary Homer
Fairy Tale Weddings and Events

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