When you’re a bride, so much planning goes into your big day. You want every detail to be perfect. You’ve been planning your wedding since you were a little girl watching Cinderella. After all, you found your Prince Charming and now it’s your big day.

Are you personalizing your wedding with things that are important to you? Is it the names of your important dates as table names (your first date at Lugiu’s Pizza Shop or your first trip to Maine), vs. table numbers? or is your favor that “favorite” thing you love as a couple (honey from your local beekeeper, jam from grandma)?

What’s the latest personal touch for weddings? Try lighting…yes, lighting. But this isn’t your typical lighting. Everyone has seen street lights, string lights, and colorful uplighting. Trending is “Your Love Story”, your favorite phrase that you use or your pet names for each other, or even a design that represents you as a couple, light it up in lights.

Be creative and use lighting. This is your day so make it special and make it personal. A cookie-cutter wedding is easy, but you aren’t a cookie-cutter bride. You’re a beautiful, inspired and inspirational woman who has the creativity to make this big day your own! Reach for the stars!

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer
Fairy Tale Weddings & Events

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