Are you planning a wedding or special event in the Syracuse, NY area? Looking for gorgeous, expensive centerpieces but are deterred by the initial sticker shock associated with purchasing each and every one of them? How will you ever afford them?

The answer is rentals. If you can think of it, someone likely has it for rent, whether it’s centerpieces, stylish or modern furniture, or elegant linens. Rentals are the perfect option.

We all know how expensive it can be to purchase a piece of furniture or elaborate linens for the holidays. So think outside of the box. What kind of items you may ask? The sky’s the limit for rentals!

You will find furniture (numerous styles, colors and generations), accessories galore (suitcases, candle holders, pillows, books, boxes, tables and chairs, china, flatware, glassware and chargers to name a few) and lets not forget linens (whether elaborate or simple you will find many, many options).

There are many companies providing you with the items you may need or want. Local and out of town companies have a variety of items to view and rent. So explore your options and if possible be sure to view the items prior to renting them.

This allows you to know the condition the items are in. If you can’t inspect them, be sure to view a picture of the item and inspect it upon arrival.

This is a field that is growing exponentially. This option will allow you to stretch your budget with fabulous choices. So be sure to dream big, even on a budget.

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Happy planning!

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